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Learn The Art Of High Intent  YouTube Advertising

What we have learned after spending over 2 million dollars in YouTube Ad Spend!

Discover, The Secret's To High Converting YouTube Ads...

From The Desk Of Ross Christifulli, 

       Facebook has disabled my ad account countless times this year. I was running 100% compliant ads and they shut them down due to some "Politics Policy." The problem here is that I was not running political ads. 


Thankfully, about a year ago I started experimenting with YouTube ads and discovered that YouTube ads were not only more consistent, but the leads were better quality. 


In fact, recently I had a mortgage lender getting $15 refi leads! He was converting about 15% of them into "Loans in process." 


I wanted to test a theory on him. I wanted to see if he would notice if I switched him to Facebook leads. 


One day I turned off his YouTube Ads and had him 100% on Facebook.


Two days later he messages me "Hey Ross, did something change? These leads seem less responsive."


My theory was right and I turned it off. 


I am under the belief that the scariest number in business is ONE. 


ONE source of traffic is scary. 


My buddy (and partner in this program) Isaac Ruble are very excited to launch this program. 


We believe it will be a complete game changer. 


If you would like to learn: 

  • How To Navigate The Ads Manager

  • How To Find Winning Ad Sets

  • How To Do Pre-Campaign Research

  • What Kind Of Creative Converts On YouTube

  • How To Scale Ads Sets

  • The Strategies The Allow Us To Get $7-$15 Opt Ins Consistently 

 Then you can not pass this offer up!


By the end of this training you will be a YouTube Ads Ninja!


You will feel confident that if your ad account goes down... You will not be out of business.


You can also stand out among competitors with a unique offer. 


Isaac and myself look forward to being apart of your success with YouTube Ads.


-Ross Christifulli



Fill Your Pipeline With High Intent Leads...

High Intent Advertising

Learn The Art Of YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads Course


$1497 After Black Friday Week

This program will take you from a complete YouTube Ads newbie to YouTube Ads Expert. 


This training will give you security, intent, and edge.

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Is this only for beginners or will it teach me advanced techniques?

Will I have to create videos?

What kind of businesses will this work for?

How long will this offer last?

I have purchased other programs such as Agency Knowledge and Pipeline Hacks... Is this included?

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Disclaimer: We do not need to post anything about Facebook Ads here because we are not running this ad on Facebook.