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What we have learned after spending over 2 million dollars in YouTube Ad Spend!

Discover, The Secret's To High Converting YouTube Ads...

From The Desk Of Ross Christifulli, 

       FB has disabled my ad account countless times this year. I was running 100% compliant ads and they shut them down due to some "Politics Policy." The problem here is that I was not running political ads. 


Thankfully, about a year ago I started experimenting with YouTube ads and discovered that YouTube ads were not only more consistent, but the leads were better quality. 


In fact, recently I had a mortgage lender getting $15 refi leads! He was converting about 15% of them into "Loans in process." 


I wanted to test a theory on him. I wanted to see if he would notice if I switched him to Facebook leads. 


One day I turned off his YouTube Ads and had him 100% on FB.


Two days later he messages me "Hey Ross, did something change? These leads seem less responsive."


My theory was right and I turned it off. 


I am under the belief that the scariest number in business is ONE. 


ONE source of traffic is scary. 


I am very excited to launch this program. 


We believe it will be a complete game changer. 


If you would like to learn: 

  • How To Navigate The Ads Manager

  • How To Find Winning Ad Sets

  • How To Do Pre-Campaign Research

  • What Kind Of Creative Converts On YouTube

  • How To Scale Ads Sets

  • The Strategies The Allow Us To Get $7-$15 Opt Ins Consistently 

 Then you can not pass this offer up!


By the end of this training you will be a YouTube Ads Ninja!


You will feel confident that if your ad account goes down... You will not be out of business.


You can also stand out among competitors with a unique offer. 


Isaac and myself look forward to being apart of your success with YouTube Ads.


-Ross Christifulli



Fill Your Pipeline With High Intent Leads...

High Intent Advertising

Learn The Art Of YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads Course



This program will take you from a complete YouTube Ads newbie to YouTube Ads Expert. 


This training will give you security, intent, and edge.

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Is this only for beginners or will it teach me advanced techniques?

Will I have to create videos?

What kind of businesses will this work for?

I have purchased other programs such as Agency Knowledge and Pipeline Hacks... Is this included?

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Disclaimer:  This product is not associated with Facebook. In fact it will likely only be live for a little while before we get banned again.